Evens the odds

Landing in March 2018, a new concept in sports prediction betting with chances to win prize pools of up to £1million !

Think you know your sport? Take an educated bet on it then!

Sports galore!

Think you can predict the Premier League, suss the Six Nations, guess the Golf Masters or figure out Formula 1? We’ll be launching with a host of international sports to appeal to fans from all walks of life including football, rugby, darts, motor racing, ice hockey, NHL, NFL, tennis, cycling and golf, with games based on season long leagues as well as tournaments such as the World Cup and Wimbledon. And if there’s a sport that you’d love to predict, get in touch!

100% prize pot payout!

Unlike traditional fixed odds betting, PredictorBet pays out the whole prize pool every game – and those punters with the most accurate predictions take the biggest share of the prize pool, with the top dog taking half of the total pot! The more people play, the more we pay out! There will be tantalising bonuses for spot-on predictions - any player that accurately guess the results of all the games across any 2018/19 Premier League weekend, will scoop a cool £1 million!

Gather your mates!

PredictorBet allows you to gather your friends and create your own side rooms with fully customised games, team name and stakes. Groups can keep it closed, to ensure the prize pool is only shared amongst your own social circle, or you can open the room up to the public, meaning that the prize pot potential is unlimited! Week by week, you can see the progress of your peers in the Side Room Standings - let’s separate the great predictors from great pretenders, and see who really knows their stuff!

What’s the plan?

The platform is currently in beta testing and will be available on the App store from 15th March and on Android and desktop from 1st April 2018 - Sign up here via here to join the app waitlist & find out more. For customers accessing PredictorBet.co.uk from Great Britain, the service is licensed and regulated by the Gambling Commission under license number 000-050187-R-327610-001. Customers should check and comply with the laws and regulations in their own country. PredictorBet is the registered trade mark of PredictorBet Limited ©.

Official Partner

Official Partner of the Elite Ice Hockey League

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Email : mail@predictorbet.co.uk

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Email : lisa@predictorbet.co.uk

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